Friday, March 25, 2016

Truly you need to go for a Trustworthy supplier for you Real Stuff: Rolex

Everyone wants to get the best deal using his money for his dream watch…

Who told you that Millionaires do not negotiate price?

I have seen Multi-millionaire who used to take bags of the sugar at airport Lounge back home…He likes negotiation as he told me that is the fun part.

They wear Giordano Khaki jeans and G-2000 Jacket to work… but they earn easily USD$3M a years.

Somehow it is not bad to be tire kickers, but beware real stuff cannot be so CHEAP!

There are many ways that seller can make a product looks expensive but in fact they are real cheap!

Such as for a Watch… Some used watch could be polished a bit to become Like new or Claimed to be Brand new.

Don't be feel bad for a watch that has lines of scratches if that is used watch, it must have scratches.

On the other hand, a 20 years used watch does not have any scratches.. that means it has been polished…heavily!

I don't mind scratches but I mind being heavily Polished… Unless that watch is hand polished.. Who will hand polish for you nowadays…?

So next time you buy a used Watch ask…

1.       Is that polished?

2.       Is that a Franken Watch.. a Pinoy who told me he bought  a 10 watches in one shop, not even one was accepted by Rolex Manila for servicing, because all are genuine  Rolex but of wrong misplaced parts or we called “Frankenwacth” the dial, bezel, hands and bracelets are all Lego-fixed…

3.       So you should talk to them what if you can we refund or replaced!?  Well, Kuen Kee can refund if that watch is not genuine.. That give you assurance…

Buying a Watch is fun, if you bought a Franken Rolex.. You will get mad, even you are Millionaires. As your feel like being cheated or being ripped off!

Always go to a reliable source…. Reputation is the key!

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever Group

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