Saturday, March 5, 2016

We should be happy...

How you find the culture of HK and Philippines?

When you stare at a beautiful lady in Hong Kong for more than 0.5 second, immediately her face will change black and she may give you dirty eyes!

When I stare at a beautiful lady in Manila, usually she smiles at you bas return.

When I saw someone wearing a nice watch and I ask him to show me., well, they would, at least so far I have asked five people and all they would…and One time even the gentleman took it off and pass to me, that was a Solid Gold Rolex Day Date Oyster Quartz, (the first one sold in the Philippines with USD$5,000 back in 1977)

If you ask the same in Hong Kong, I bet there will happen…

50% that the man will say “Sorry, No!”

10% of the people will give you his middle finger! Perhaps… well, there is 10% of nice decent people will share his watch with you… ! Even though, I will not do so in Hong Kong!

Well, I fully understand the difference of culture and difference of the people who live in different world. Philippines is a lands of smile and paradise and Hong Kong a rich place but many of the people are so much suspicious about the other motive…

Everyone wears a mask to go to work, and there is so much stress for most of the people living in this place.

I was happy in the past except the last ten years, I see the changes, people are living in a pressure cooker!

My boss of the company asked the hotel receptionists that if there were any women sleep with me ever at in my room?

What a pathetic life of you?….  Come on, what is my privacy!? Are you crazy!?  %%#$#!

Life is too short by time I write this my life calculator has already shortened by 30 minutes…

I think we should always happy… should we!?

HK Watch Fever
HK Snob

PS Health Notes

Do use dental floss five times a week, it will extend 5 years of your life.

Do take a glass of warm water as the first thing you do in the morning, it extend life 5 years.

Stop smoking, it extend life 5-10 years.

Drink a glass of Red wine  a day is equivalent doing gym for 4 hours, the Happy French Way!


박성진 said...


HK Snob said...

Yes, We should....

Anonymous said...

At least they assumed woman and not man. Hehehe

HK Snob said...

You mean he asked who slept with me? "Man" instead of "Woman"?

HK Snob