Monday, March 14, 2016

Like New Patek Philippe ref 5410G Perpetual Calendar discontinued Watch on sale

Patek Philippe winder accessories

The Patek Winder is about 14 pound in weight, beautifully lacquered.

This Patek Philippe 5140G is a master of grand complication category. It is thin, not huge but elegant watch that contain only 275 parts; which is much lessor than the 5960P annual  calendar with 456 parts.

Less is more, and for another reason, less parts may mean less trouble ahead, sure...

Such a Case size of merely 37.2mm can carry so much information yet the dial display does not look packed at all, that is the Patek Philippe... one should not feel hard to understand... as the price would remind you that is PP.

in 2014 it was selling at MSRP HKD$672,000, assuming you get less 10% that was HKD$604,800.

It had appeared in 2014 Auction at HK$475,000

Now Patek has discontinued this particular choco dial and that means that you can only get this particular watch through auction of buying from me.

For watch investment that we are known for pieces are having a good price because of

1. Brand name
2. Attractive design
3. Complicated movement
4. After Sough, scarcity
5. Economic situation
6. Auction star

From point 1 to 4, this Patek would fulfill the requirement as to be a star in auction house.

It is time to keep it. Yes, Why not I keep is?
Well everyone knows  that my mother is a female... I am a blogger only where got the money to buy so many beautiful Patek...

Leave it to the one who has a good taste and eagle eye for spotting value of the future!

Price On Request, o

Of course our price is lower than the last Auction price in 2014!

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever Group

PS Watch sold on 15 March  2016

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