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A diver is meant to dive, so as the diver Watch!?

Rolex DeepSea D- Blue Ref 116660 Super Diving Watch
A diver is meant to dive!

We all treasure our Rolex watches. They are expensive and precious. They represent our hard work and they are a symbol of status. Seldom do we put our Rolex in dangerous situations. The Rolex Submariner is an icon of modern Rolex. It is 300m water-resistant. But of course wearers do not really dive with it. Some people may wash it with water but that is probably the most “dangerous” situation it may face.  

So, how about leaving your Rolex in the sea for 14 months? Do you dare even thinking about it? Do you expect the watch still works? 

The story goes like this. 

A gentleman went fishing in British Colombia while the bracelet of his Rolex two-tone Submariner was somehow snagged on his fishing rod (I don’t know how he did that). The Submariner flew into the sea and quickly disappeared. As the gentleman knew the watch must be somewhere within the area he fished, he located the area with GPS (Prompt action it is! We normally just panic!). Later, he paid local dredging 85USD per hour in the hope of finding the watch somewhere. **


After 14 months, the watch was found in the middle of debris and sediments at the depth of about 100m. After some winding, the watch still worked!


We can learn a few things from this story.  

First, a Rolex is usually very tough. So, if you have ever scratched your watch and yelled for a polish, stop and wear your watch like a hero because a Rolex is meant to be scratched, especially a diver.  

Second, Rolex sports watches are true tool watches. They can withstand extreme situations. If you think your bracelet is too loose or too tight and go to RSC requesting for a change or repair, you should never do it again. Wear your watch happily. Picking on Rolex’s quality is an easy thing to do while making a diver that still works after 14 months in the sea is hard.


Third, wearing a Rolex makes you think faster. If it had been a Seiko that had fallen into the sea, the gentleman would not have thought of the idea of locating the area with GPS and recording it.

Fourth, Always remember to tighten the crown properly with a push, hold and align the thread by anticlockwise say 90 degree and then clockwise to tighten up. This preserves the misalignment and cause damage on to the screw thread.

A diver is meant to dive. It is not meant to be worn in showers where some may worry that the watch will be damaged by water vapor. Go for a Day Date if you wear a suit. Haha Again ; Day Date!


I doubt with today current technology is that so simply to find a watch in the sea?

Is GPS can be located a watch of size of an egg in the sea bed?


The GPS signal in space will provide a "worst case" pseudo-range accuracy of 7.8 meters at a 95% confidence level. (This is not the same as user accuracy; pseudo-range is the distance from a GPS satellite to a receiver.). Now the things is in the sea, should be more complicated…

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