Monday, March 14, 2016

BaselWorld Rolex Fantasy


What do we expect to see at Baselworld 2016?

New Rolex watches, of course.  

The long awaited Rolex Daytona with ceramic bezel is one of the hottest expectations from watch enthusiasts.
Given the fact that the current 116520 has been in production for 16 years, it may be the right time for it to retire and be replaced by a new reference with ceramic bezel.
However, Rolex is conservative as we all know, even in the introduction of ceramic bezels on Daytona. The ceramic bezels on Daytona first appeared on rose gold version with alligator strap. Then, it started to appear on platinum ones.
So, if we look at how Rolex released their Yacht-Master II (from precious metal to stainless steel), we may find clues that there can be a new Daytona with ceramic bezel. I hope to see a black ceramic bezel with a panda dial as a brown ceramic bezel may not appeal to everyone. Maybe the stainless steel Daytona with ceramic bezel will come in versions on straps first. But please do surprise us, Rolex. 

Another watch I would like to see is the Sky-Dweller in stainless steel. Given that Rolex a few years ago made a stainless steel Yacht-Master II, I would like to see another complicated timepiece with accessible prices in stainless steel. 

I also expect to see the stainless version of last year’s 116655 that did not come with a bracelet.  

Also on my wish list are more dial options for the Datejust II. However, I expect the line may be replaced by Datejust 40 at Baselworld, just as how the Daydate II was replaced by Daydate 40. The new Datejust 40 may receive movement upgrades, which is another step towards upgrading all Rolex movements. 

What about some fantasy watches? I would like to see another Deep Sea variant which is, unlike the D-blue , officially announced at Baselworld. A white gold version with blue ceramic bezel and blue dial may look good. 

Another watch I would like to see is the 116713 with a green dial. It will be a hit for people who cannot afford the full gold version 116718.

Worth noting is that there may also be surprises coming from the Explorer I line. A white dial version will be nice.  

Anyway, Baselworld is around the corner, let’s hope that Rolex will bring us affordable surprises this year.
Jason L.


HK Snob ... I think the chance of launching Blueberries will drive the batman people crazy but make me happy!

Let's see who wins the jackpot.


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Good Watch Fortune Tellers!

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