Saturday, March 5, 2016

Watch fever Club watch gathering 5 March 2016

Watch Gathering Today;

The star of Today is an awesome Rolex Day Date Ref 18238 with birch dial, beside our new Korean Member DJ just bought a Brand new  Date Just Ref 116234 with white Roman Dial.,
A Cartier Pasha with MOP dial 35mm
A GMT master green pointer.
And last one is my Roger Dubuis Much More...

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever


JTK said...

Agggh, nice Datejust with the Roman numerals; even I have a hard time saying no to this one. Beautiful at 36mm, downright hideous though at 41mm ----- the biggest mistake Rolex has ever made in redesigning its watches!
--- JTK

HK Snob said...

Yes, you are right. 41 mm is far not good sale as 36mm. Rolex was wrong !

Hk Snob