Saturday, October 17, 2015

Watch Fever Gathering 17 Oct 2015

Special Home made Pony, Croco, cowhide leather strap for your Rolex built with
Easi-Inert pin

Rolex Ref 1603 Lacquer Dial, SeaDweller 4,000, Ref 1603 wide boy

 Rolex DD 18039, PP 1910, Ref 3563/3 18KT white Gold Auto 35mm

Protective Tape is still on the PP watch, near Mint condition



Watch Gathering today as the usual place.
Watches and watch strap are on sales except DD ref 18039.
PP $73,500
Ref 1603 $13,800
Pony Watch Strap $800, Cowhide $380. whilst stock lasts.

all comes with Easi-Insert Pin system.

HK Snob

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