Saturday, October 10, 2015

Overhaul of an Omega Seamaster DigiAna Watch 1990

The watch was sent to Omega main office at Canton Road 2 months ago for inspection and repair.
They have made such a remarks before shipping to Omega Switzerland
1.       The Watch needs full service
2.       Dim LCD display
3.       Moisture penetration
4.       Dial is stained
5.       Pendant tube is damaged
6.       Case to bracelet attachment worn
7.       Case to bracelet is scratched
8.       Crystal is scratched
9.       Bracelet shows signs of wear
After two months, the watch came to my attention, and it looks like “NEW” !
The have changed a new PCB assembly including the LCD display, a new buoyant Clasp. Case and bracelet polishing...
They charge me HK$5,800.
My Comment is Good value for money and those Omega team is offering very good service to us.
HK Snob

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