Thursday, October 22, 2015

What do they wear at Majong School, Night Club?

Red District at Portland Street.
Taken by Note III at 1900 22 Oct 2015
Majong School at Shanghai Street
Taken by Note III at 1905 22 Oct 2015

Do you know what are the most commonly watches in these area…like Majong School. Night club, KTV, Sauna?
I can see that 25% of them wearing Rolex.
Reason, Because Rolex has the best value in the second hand market.
Whenever you need,  can CASH with your Rolex at any nearby pawnshop.
Then you can create another fortune dream again at the Majong School.
If you luck is on you, even upgrade from a Date Just to a Day Date!
Don't feel vulgar about your Rolex, because of the widely accepted image.

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