Thursday, October 15, 2015

Right Fuel for your Electronics Watch

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We need to choose the right battery for your expensive watch, unless you just don't care and send them to the Service Centre.

Always use the specified battery cell model.
Always replace the battery with one of identical size and characteristics, although the buyer can switch brand names.

Replace he battery once when the watch is stopped or change before the expiry life ends as recommended by the service manual.

Usually the watch can run from 1.5 years up to 5 years, depending on the watch design.

As there is always a risk that the battery will leak if the battery cell is flat. The battery cell may leak and cause damages to the PCB board and the circuitry.

Some like Seiko is still able to keep accurate time when the battery is getting low, but the second hand begins to jump in 2 second increments every 2 seconds as a sign the battery needs to be changed. It is time to change battery.

Digital watch like Sunnto and G-shock has battery warning indicators… when it alerts you, you should change the battery cells. I used to change the battery cell myself, simply because of cost, HKD$10.00 only. 

A Patek Philippe or Cartier watch may take you HKD$2,500 or more to change the battery cell.

A Rolex OysterQuartz may take you HKD$7,0500 to change, as usually they will ask you to service the watch same time to change battery, good news is;" Battery is Free!"  LOL.

If you have a huge collection of Watch, I recommend you to remove the battery. Someone still has 4,000 Swatch and it is a huge cost (time) to replace them with battery. 

But When you go to service your watch at service centre, no surprise that you can get the Swiss Brands as most of the people think that a Swiss watch should go right with a Swiss battery cell, right!?

Amongst all brands, I like Maxell all the time for my Rolex, Maxwell is also recommended by most of the HK Watch repair shops.
Never use alkaline battery cells, use Silver Oxide battery cell only.

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