Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Top of the line Rolex you can buy now

When you enter a winery, asking how much the bottle of Chateau Lafifte 1945, I believe the shop keeper will not expect you would buy it.

Same for people who buys high end Rolex, they seldom buy from Gray Dealer as who matters the different of 10% of 20% off?

If fact, Gray dealer seldom purchase these high end Rolex at all due to low demand in market as these are Uncommon Rolex.

Well, to a Real watch collector, the process of looking for better deal seems to be more  joyful than owning the actual watch.

These are some of the most expensive Rolex models in shop of Authorized dealer.

Special discount applies! 

Let me know which one you want to consider.

HK Snob 

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