Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Team HKWF Goes Holland

For the exclusive watch enthusiasts who visit the Hong Kong Watch Fever blog, we have set up an own official one of a kind watch experience!

Our first location will be Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Europe.

We chose Amsterdam because now of the low Euro it can be very interesting. Also because it is one of the main hubs in Europe, logistically seen and hotel offers are enormous.

Via this small introduction we will show you what you can expect and you can apply so we can measure out a tailor made solution for everyone who applies.

If this concept is successful HKWF will enrol this idea worldwide.

So depending on (local) support and feedback we would like to advise more locations/areas for us watch enthusiasts to explore.

In regards of the search of watches everyone thinks that they can go on by their selves and look at their own smartphone to see the stores. The HKWF experience will be totally different by all means. We use the keywords: fun, transparent and joy.

If you have a chaperon and someone who can tell you about the background of each step we make together it can be more informative and there for absolutely transparent.

Are fun and joy the same? Perhaps it is but then you know we are serious about this part.

The local HKWF staff are not full time tour guides but they intend to give you solid advise. Where to look for vintage high end watches or where to look for entry level brands.

Also HKWF can tell you about the country or city where to go to see special (watch-related) locations.

For Amsterdam (and other parts of Holland) we now have the possibilities to offer the following:

-Guides from Holland

-Language problem? English, Cantonese, Dutch, German, Mandarin, Bosnian, Croatian, Italian, etc. no problem!

-Extensive info about tax rebate, watchvendors, locations and background

-Cash and carry possibilities if you have no time to shop

-Luxurious transportation can be provided

-Not bound to 9 to 5

-Our guides have extensive knowledge in the following fields:
o   Restructuring (operational) businesses
o   Special doors (heat resistant, bullet proof, etc)
o   Modern Art
o   Commodity purchases
o   Procurement  of road and sea transport
o   Steel (procurement to finished products)
o   Noise control
o   Packaging solutions
o   Waste management/solutions
o   Operator Cabins (Containerterminal for example)
o   Hotel investments
o   Online solutions

Team HKWF is not bound to any limitation nor organization.

Of course we will give you transparent information about any volume purchase you wish to make. Whether it is a Patek, Omega, or Swatch we tend to give you the most solid information there is.

If you have any other interest in different fields we can introduce you with the right guide.

If you are interested please WhatsApp us or email us your schedule.

(WhatsApp +639989811111 or email

All is based on our key words: fun, transparent and joy. 

  Amsterdam Watch Fever

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