Thursday, July 23, 2015

Kim Tae Won and HK Snob

My Rolex Day Date Ref 18039

Kim Tae-won (김태원, April 12, 1965) is a top Korean Guitarist with over 30 years of experience in Korean music industry, currently leading one of the most successful rock bands in Korean music history, Boohwal.

His life was dramatized in a four episode KBS2 short series Rock, Rock, Rock, where Kim was portrayed by musician-actor No Minwoo.

I had a chance talking to him Today in Philippines, I had felt his hand whilst hand shaking that it seems having no bone (very Soft) meaning that he is rich and life if full of joy and happiness.

Well, of coure, like most of the celebrities, he worn a Rolex White Gold Day Date Ref 18049 whilse I worn a Rolex White Gold Day Date Ref 18039.

He told me he is a fan of Rolex Like I, and He has a lot of Rolex.

I am happy as of Today I met a good friend Jerry, and I had a wonderful meeting with a team of Korean customers, I had two separate dinner one in outback that I took One Cloudy bay White and one Australian Red. then went ot A won Korean Restaurant to meet another group of Koreans.

Kim has same name as mine, he has same taste in Watch....

Day Date in White Gold is classified one of the watches for your eveyrday uses, it is not too shinnning like yellow gold, greyish silver colour, heavy but heavy not like a dumb bell that makes your wrist tired.

It is about 145 grams with 22 links of bracelet. Accurate and durable, my last Day Date Ref 18049 brought me profit HKD$12,500 even after I used for 4 years, what a nice watch investment and it is the best  watch for you as an Executive.

HK Snob

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