Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rolex watches on Sale

One shot to show some of the major watches for sale in P/N.

Other like:-

Deep Sea Ref 116660 D-Blue $93,000

Deep Sea Ref 116660 Black $74,000

GMT Master II Blue Black Ref 16710BLNR $64,500

Submariner Date Ref 116610LN $55,000

Sea Dweller black Ref 116600 $63,500

Daytona Black Ref 116520 $89,800

Daytona White Ref 116520 $84,500

Daytona TT Blue Arab $99,000

Daytona TT Panda, White, Black  etc...

Daytona Ref 116515LN $155,000 delivery locally in Singapore, I can arrange delivery to HK also.

SkyDweller Ref 326135 RP $307,600 now less 36% to $195,500

Please Other Models on Request.

All in HK Delivery except the Daytona Ref 116515 is in Singapore or HK.

BNIB Full Warranty and some of them Dated July.

Cash Deal

Singapore Snob
Manila Snob


Ma. Grace Biscocho said...

How much is the ref 179171? Is this brand new?

HK Snob said...

refer to this link

Of course brand new , buy from me
ref 179171$62,000

hk snob

HK Snob said...

whatsapp me+639989811111 for more.
if you are in Philippines, I can deliver to you by hand, or I can give you in HK. OR I bring you buying at Rolex shop

Ma. Grace Biscocho said...

I'm going to hongkong next week and if you could give me the exact address of the shop where I can choose more good price of Rolex watches. Thank you...

HK Snob said...

Ma agrace
There are 20 Rolex AD shops at Tsim Sha tsui, go to any shop you can see all the Watches. Dickson, Oriental or Emporer... They Give you max 5% discount only. No more than that...
If you want to know more, Whatsapp me

HK Snob

Ma. Grace Biscocho said...

Hi Mr snobb. I'm here right now in hongkong and I went in kuen kee and lungshing centre But both of it doesn't have a brand new Rolex. Any more place to look for who can give me more discount ? I'm leaving tommorow night. Can u call me. 56434775

HK Snob said...

Kuen Kee and Lung Shing does not have new watches.
Whatsapp me or call me for more.
I will call you,
HK Snob

HK Snob said...

Hi Grace
I cannot call your no. check!

Ma. Grace Biscocho said...

My sim card number is out of load and I didn't know that I can't receive call anymore. Anyway I found my rolex in Haiphong road TST and he gave me 20% discount if I pay in cash, brand new. Still I'm giving you a big thanks for the time effort and to your bloggs giving me idea how to ask more discount. More power... Tnx again..

HK Snob said...

What watch?
I wonder
HK Snob

Ma. Grace Biscocho said...

Rolex 178271.