Sunday, July 19, 2015

I am Waiting my new toy to come.... that Makes Monday like Friday!

Mad Dog Monday

It's Friday Again!

Do you like Monday more or do you like Friday more…?

From Statistics of Yell* University, 90% of the workers like Friday more than Monday, Only Workaholics like Monday, may be some of the Executives after being tortured by his wife at home on week end, it is the right time to revenge putting all anger onto his subordinates Monday ….

As I said, Boss always gets and gets and forgets, only working class like us give and give and forgive….

I hate Monday as most of the meeting are done on the same day, seeing the dark face of the boss…

Well, you might see him smiling to you one day, I am sure you are secretly being fired by him last Friday or he had won mark Six ( the Later one should not happened as I believe Mark Six should go to finery kind people…)
So beware on Monday morning…So what can we do?

… I am the only manager that wears Rolex, PP, AP, RD to work for many years, as I want to show to you, well, though you get. get all my salary away turning into you own Bonus...

because of my kind tenderly heart, I have a lot friends, who will drink with me…. I would like to giggle that someone always came to the bar alone Friday after work, 

who lighting up his cigarette unintentionally and goes into mediation until the cigarette burns his fingers...!!
As he had no friend…so lonely, pathetic!

My method of making myself looks young is a practice to buy myself a toy after a while, that keeps me HAPPY,

Looks Different all the time, and all the staff is talking about me… all my customers are talking about me… after Rolex DD, AP, Roger Dubuis, VC , may be RM in coming future..
Now, I am waiting for my new toy The Omega Elite Phone in Yellow Gold….
Last, Oh I think I had higher chance to survive in desert as I can use it as a Mirror when I lost in desert…! It is amazing Gold… Who Can resist? 

Lovely Monday!, as Every day is like Friday!

PS * Yale? Are you sure!?

HK Snob

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