Friday, July 3, 2015

Be yourself

“Life is a trivial comedies made of important tragedies!!”
It is not about fear or tragedies, it is about self-encouragement.

What if we were to die tomorrow, what we actually have maximized our living?

Did we look after ourselves and our loved one enough in the proper way!?

Anybody negatively judges us on your hobby, endeavors, then we just have to learn to say ”don’t care what they think!”  As In fact we don’t worry about how others perceive us.

“Giving is a blessing’ we just cannot take from others without giving, that is a selfishness.

One who lost his spouse who not live long as Humans are naturally communal animals. People groups and supports each other in a community, loneliness is the cause of premature death of people.

It is always a good way to share what you have found, sharing with others, get feedback from other with appreciation, helping people to shop better goods at an enticing price, sharing an interesting novel with friends. Or even to sing song to some of the unknown listeners in a gathering.

Character drives for Life Style, Life style drives for Action. That is why I started blogging, to share news on watches.

There are many ways to help people it, it could be via our job, through volunteering, by simply being a compassionate and empathetic person, or all of the above.

At a fundamental level, it’s simply a mindset and a behavioral template to go with other people, a nice tune of “Hi, Good Morning!” when you meet people in a convenient store. “You look great with this Watch!”  to a friend of yours at dinner time!

Westerner seems has a better sense of humour, as for Local Chinese HKer, you might be an offend if you try to talk to them in a way you think it is humor, it will have to get some time for you to build up that relaxed mode before she can take it as humour, worse case it becomes a sexual harassment!

Also sense of humor does not come via birth, it is related to experience, education and characters.

Is it really possible to find the humor in everything?  Of course it is. Well, why would we do that anyway? Because as they say; laughter is the best medicine.  Chinese philosopher Zhong Chi is a typical example as he sang and danced in his father ‘s funeral  as he believed Laughter is going to be his default response to both the good and bad things that happen in life.

Medical research has proven the act of laughter is a form of meditation. It heals pains and sorrow. And it is an antioxidant for age… laughter can be best thing to deal with anxiety, stress and anger.
So next time when your watch bezel is broken, don't cry, should go to laugh whilst you can go for get a replacement, or trade it with another new model.
Be my more genuine self, same as your genuine Watch.

People would come by and criticizes you why wearing Clarks instead of Prada, well Clarks is known to me be the best Comfortable shoes, why not?, I wear Clarks for protection on my foot, make sure it will walk like a camel without taking a rest, I don't means Prada is not comfortable, but its selling points and style and fashion gadget. For comfort, Clarks is definitely does better.

One chap has criticized me why don't I wear one of the best names in Watch … Well, I told him that is why there is many types of watches made by Swiss. That is the styles watches carry , not just the  brand name, or the Auction value it may translate.

I like watches does not mean I like expensive watch. To be honesty, I like but my financial situation does not allow me to buy the expensive one on the shelf, I am not a VP nor
CEO nor any Big business man, I am just no one…

Keeping a few good durable watches that I can use every day is good enough …

So sometimes. I should do as be myself… I like Rolex, everyone knows … 

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