Friday, July 31, 2015

A tale of two cities

Hong Kong and Singapore bear many similarities in economic structure, reliance on finance and trade, as well as size of territory and population.

Back in 1997, Hong Kong’s gross domestic product stood at US$179 billion, almost two times that of Singapore, but in 2013, Singapore had boosted the figure to US$295.7 billion, surpassing Hong Kong’s US$273.7 billion.

Hong Kong’s or China idea of HKSAR is based on the principle of positive non-interventionism, which gives impetus to the creativity of individuals and the private sector. Singapore is likely the opposite in this regard.

Hong Kong officials and Citizens have to spend most of the time to deal with the complexities in the SAR’s relationship with the Peking government where Singapore is free from the issues of the “one country, two systems” situation. I feel pathetic about HK when members of the pan democratic parties members spend most of their time doing filibuster… nothing is constructive to the development of HK economy.

As I say it may take 7 years to build a new airport but 10 years to decide build or not!?

Hong Kong has been lagging behind Singapore, and Shanghai for economic achievement, or may be after another 10 years Hong Kong will definitely be lagging behind Johor, Shantou or Batam!

How About Watch, Hong Kong and Singapore had a bigger Cult difference on choice of Luxury watches.

Back to 80s Singapore and Hong Kong had similar taste in watch. Nowadays we can say that Singapore has an advance understanding for what new watches are!

For most of the super Hi end watches, Singapore seems has a better sale than Hong Kong.

These are what we can see…

Whiles a lot of HK people are still in favor of brands like Patek, AP, VC, Panerai and Rolex...

Singapore has been falling in love with niche Watch market supported by these colossal Richard Mille, Hublot..and Urwerk.

In Singapore is whoever people goes with a Lambor, 80% of the people wear a RM.

Singapore may become the show off hub for those nearby country rich boys, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei?

Hong Kong, older and richer tends to go for Patek, younger
likes Panerai and the Rolex goes to the rest.

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