Saturday, July 18, 2015

What is Phone Of Today?

Philippine Hero Manny Pacquio's

Satisfaction Could be seen from Neymar's smile

What is next after a  Lambor, and a RM.....?

Omega Elite in a Ruby Python skin pouch

Emarald Dragon Limited to 50 pieces

My New Communication gear

Who is the Boss?

Choice of Precious Metal, Rose Gold, Yellow gold and Platinum

Of Course, Daytona Fan should not be ignored

Omega Elite senior official received the autograph of Kylie Jenner and Kendall when Phones were delivered to them by hand

Do you need to spend 80,000 on your watch, and another 200K for a Continental Car to be in the “Rich” group!?
Well someone has been waiting 9 months for his car because of uniqueness and special Color!

Somebody plated a whole Ferrari with 24KT yellow gold, is that insane?

Tong Tong wears a suit with the Champion Australian sheep’s finest wool; costs $30,000!

I had joined a party with Wine in one night with some Philippine tycoons: Clos 1982, Chevy Blanc 1982, Latour 1982, are they insane too! As these wines are $7,000!

What is WOTD? Someone may say Rolex DD40, someone may say the Platinum Daytona with icy Blue dial!

What is the Outfit of Today, I really don’t know as always I put on cheap Jean and Polo shirt my Icy Cool girl bought for me at Taobao!

How about POTD? Well, is Omega Elite LLC Phones!
Omega Elite is happening in the States, Dubai, Sweden, Singapore, Philippines, now HK….

They may serve only exclusively royal family to Rich people and some watch dealer or Hollywood celebs.
David Beckham, Neymar, Manny Pacman (My Philippine Hero), Kylie Jenner…are some of the  names.

Omega Elite uses iPhone6 of 128GB unlocked version (we can use it any part of the world).

You can customize it to be a special phone of YOURS that no APPLE shops could find a similar one!

You can make your own trade mark and limited edition to any number you need, as you may have a lot of followers who will use your trademark as a Symbols of Success or group members.

It is a combined Phone technology and fashion, we offer special model like “Emerald Dragon” if is a 24KT gold iPhone6 with VVS Emeralds and made 50 pieces worldwide!

The Phone is entirely processed in USA, it is not a phone cover, it is a complete functional Phone ready to be sued with Life time warranty!

All phones come with a beautiful cherry wood box, a Ruby python skin pouch and a waxed protector casing…

Well, someone say that is a bit pricy, think it again, this is price of three bottle of wine. It lasts for years instead of three hours drinking Experience!

When you meet someone, you put the phone on the desk, I can ensure no one will listen to your sales material, instead their eye are watching on yours  “God! what kind of Phone is it!? “ Can I see?”

Oh yes, this is Omega Elite., follow me as member, as HK Snob, I give you lucky No. 8’’’ as the Serial number….

We are today talking about Value, in this world, everything is packaging… a Sale presentation.
A Cocktail Party Arrangement, a Watch, the car, who you are with!?
Why We need a special Phone that only 1 in 100,000 people may have…
Because this is unique… your style… your taste, it will bring your more talking points to your client, or to your fiancee’s father….

People asks me why you don't get one…. Yes, I ordered one today, I am waiting to see the actual phone to reach my hand by special hand delivery…. The US team told me it is under Miami workshop production queue…

Omega Elite selected me as the ambassador of Hong Kong, if you want to join us to be the City’s few e who can own this special phone… Please talk to us….

If you like, I can design for your Coat of Arms, your Company Logo, personal Icons…to be the ONLY one on Earth….

You can choose Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum…Ruby Emerald, Sapphire on your phone. A complete ready-to-use Phone, not just the case.

Starting price from 6,500 to 50,000…

Omega Elite official Website under upgrade, we will announce afterwards.

Refer to this video for more

HK Snob

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