Saturday, March 14, 2015

Watch Fever Watch Gathering 14 March 2015

Vintage 1956 Oyster Pepertual full set

Cartier Santos 100 in Pink

Grand Seiko 1970s in Grand Condition

Grand Seiko with Original buckle


Technomarine Chronograph in Ti with 7750 movement, near Mint with Warranty Card

The Cigar is Montblanc 149 in 925 Sterling Silver full set with box undate 1995

Dear HKWF friends,
Thanks for the sharing of the watches...

I love them all, just my financial situation does not permit me to take all, I took the Cigar, and I I have another 8.5K, I will take the Seiko, and if I had another 40 grands, I take the Rolex Oyster Pepertual Full Set 1956, and if....

See you all next week!

HK Snob

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