Monday, March 16, 2015

What is the best Model that could surpass all other Rolexes in 15 years as an investment item?

  A Rolex catalogue and Price Book Dated 1 July 1999

What is the best Rolex that could surpass all others in 15 years?

I have found a Rolex HK Price Book dated 1 July 1999, while I compare the major model with the current price book as of Today, I found that GMT Master II seems to be the most promising watch if you are taking it as an investment.

Here is the data:-
From left to Right are….
Item, 1999 Rolex Model , Description, 1999 MRSP --- 2015 Rolex Model, 2015 MSRP , appreciation factor.
1.       M14000, Air King $14,900   --- M116000. $40,000, 2.68X
2.       M14060, Submariner Steel no date $18,450 --- M114060 $58,000, 3.14X
3.       M16233 Date Just TT, $45,050 --- M116233, $ 78,500, 1.74X
4.       M16518 Daytona 18KY YG, $102,070  --- M116518, $183,600, 1.8X
5.       M16523 Daytona 18KT TT, $57,170 --- M116523, $124,100, 2.17X
6.       M16570, Explorer II steel, #22,030 ---M216570, $60,500, 2.75X
7.       M16613 Submariner 18KT TT, $39,300 --- M116613LN $94,700, 2.4X
8.       M16628 Yacht master 1k KT YG, $132,370 --- M116688, $301,900, 2.28X
9.       M16700 GMT Master Steel, $22,030 --- M116710LN $63,200, 2.9X
10.   M16713 GMT Master TT $38,000 ---M116713LN, $91,500, 2.49X
11.   M18238 Day Date 18KY YG, $111,310 ---M118238, $209,300, 1.88X
12.   M18239 Day Date 18KY WG, $119,020 ---M118239, S64,500, 2.22X

Descending order in price Appreciation over the last 16 years:-
No.1  Submariner M114060 --- 3.14X
No. 2 GMT Master II M116710LN --- 2.9X
No. 3 Daytona Steel M16570, $60,500, 2.75X

The price of Ref 116520 Black in 1999 was $33,600 Then the appreciation factor is 90,000/33,600 = 2.68X which becomes the No. 4 in the list.
So if you want to buy Rolex, what you should consider!?
I think I will take GMT Master II Ref 116710BLNR, Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV and  Deep Sea D Blue Ref 116660, Daytona steel black or white!

Are these the Three Musketeers and that would bring you additional financial support when you retired!?

Let's wait another 15 years to tell!!

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

For the current model still under production, my top 3 sport models in term of investment are
1. Deep Sea D-blue
2. 116710 BLNR
3. 116610 LV

Anonymous said...

What was the discount to be had when buying a Rolex 15 years ago?
The factors could be bigger except the SS Daytona.

HK Snob said...

I remember there we could get less 15% off 20 years ago in HK!

That was different time. nowadays Rolex AD allows max 5% discount.
In Philippines less 10%m in Australia less 15%
Different place has different rule of game

HK Snob

HK Snob said...

to be exact at AD of HK.

2003 of befroe less 15%

May 2011 started to changed from 8% to 5% max disc.

HK Snob