Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Apple Watch Edition in 18KT solid Gold

It is a time that more more people who can show off buying this watch, a watch of a Class that is a solid gold case of 30gf I estimated plus some 30 dollars electronics stuff, but selling USD$17,000

That is a watch of status signifier, for those who used to fly first class, for those who earns USD$800 a hour, for those who does not care its value depreciation after ten years, for those who is simply Rich.

It is not the watch for those who is a horologist, not a Watch Lover like I, as I will simply use the money to get a Breguet, or a Rolex Yacht Master II in Steel Ref 116680 who will serve many years without any Software Upgrade.

I am quite sure that there will be a China fake replica case who is really a real gold case to offer in the market at a lower cost, and there will be a lot of additonal Decor with Diamond in the After Market like those Rolex Date Just fitted with Local Made Diamond bezel.

Let's Watch Out!
HK Snob

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JTK said...

The Apple Watch is not a watch, nor a timepiece. It is just another electronic gadget no different than a walkman, a pager, an iPod, etc. that can be strapped onto your body. So this time, it happens to go on your wrist, that's all.
The Apple Watch has no horological history, no passion or sentimental feeling attached to it. It would never rise nor maintain its value like a fine Swiss watch.
I can understand someone wearing one like a trendy accessory, but pair it in an 18k gold case for 10,000+ USD? This is clearly a toy for people who got more money than they know how to spend. Apple might as well market a special edition iPhone in 18k gold or platinum for 20,000 USD instead.