Saturday, March 14, 2015

Robber Guned down a Sale assistant in a Tsim Sha Tsui Watch shop for 9 pieces $5.5M Patek Philippe watches

A panicked armed robber gunned down 收藏家 shop assistant age 57 in a HK$5.5 million heist of nine Patek Phillipe watches at Tsim Sha Tsui.

These are the Watch model and Serial No., Please do not to take the advantage to buy it even at low price or sooner you will be caught if you go for proper services or Auction…!

I am thinking that we might consider some precautions:-

1.    Not selling watch to one who wears N95 Mask, or ask him to come back again after he recovers from Avian Flu!

2.    Don't think that all Mandarin Chinese speaker must be Big Spenders. They may be "新省港旗兵"

3.    Be alert that someone is coming to buy more than one piece of Patek Philippe at one shot.  Buy one by one, ask his credit card first! That would immediate verify his real Identity!

4.    Any better way to prevent such thing happened again?

HK Snob

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Anonymous said...

private viewings only under armed guards. identity verification - with HK ID or passport number recorded and must take off anything that is hiding the face - all hats off as well.

one that is still on top