Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Rolex Watch Buy in Kyoto Isetan

Kyoto Tower

Isetan at Kyoto station

Rolex AD at 9/F of Isetan

Today, I went to this Rolex AD, I am about to look for any Rolex Sport Model, well, amongst the five trays fully loaded with Rolex, Only two Rolex Sport model I could find, they are:-

Daytona TT with diamond dial Ref 116523 List price Yen 195,000
Another one is Yacht Master II TT Pink gold Ref 116681 Yen 259,000

Base on Today Rate of Yen to HKD, the price in Japan is Higher than those We get from Rolex AD with 5% discount in Hong Kong.

The Choice is Poor, 50% is Lady Date just model and rest is Men models of all kind, I saw only one Yellow Gold Day Date, and some steel Date Just II.

After the price increase in January, you don't see the price is cheap anymore, and those hot models are all GONE!

I moved to Seiko to see the Rolls Royce of Japanese Watch Grand Seiko and Credor line.
I think price is astonishing high!

A 18Kt white gold quartz watch with two hand and leather with Date is Yen 200,000
A GS Diver Watch with a Black bezel, the price is Yen 600,000  ( a Price of a 18KT yellow gold Day Date with Diamond bezel)!

Of course, nothing worth buying there. 

HK Snob


CK said...

Hi HK Snob,

How about pre-owned price in osaka or kyoto?

HK Snob said...

wish I have time tomorrow to check used watch price.
Hk Snob