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Watch shopping in Shinsaibashiruji of Osaka大阪心齋橋筋錶之旅

Landmark of Shinsaibashiruji : Glico LED billboard

Rolex AD at 4th floor of Daimaru main shop, there were only 4 Rolex Sport watches :

Daytona TT Yellow gold X2,
Daytona Yellow gold with Diamond Dial X1,
Rolex Milgauss Green Glass X1
Price of Daytona TT no diamond is Yen 162,200 + Tax,
Price of Daytona TT wiht diamond dial is Yen 181,100 + Tax

They have about 250 Rolex, mostly is Date Just Model and a few Day Date.

In the Watch section, they have a lot of Grand Seiko, FM, VC, RG, PP, Hublot, Bvgalri and Cartier.

I saw a PP Calatrava yellow gold price with Yen 280,000 + tax. That is about HKD$184,800. In HK, the price is HKD$153,100, after 10% discount at AD, that is about HKD$138,000!

Time Zone, having both new and used watches:
AP, PP, IWC, Rolex, FM, VC, Hulblot, and many Panerai.

Giogia is another one along the mall, Hulblot and Rolex, new watches only.

There are two shops here selling Rolexes and Panerai, Omega etc, mostly are used watches.

Another Daikokuya, they have used watches Rolex, VC, PP, AP, RG, Longines and Omega.

Price is so so only

Brand Off, a famous line for selling used Watches Rolex, FM, Cartier and Omega, same as shops in HK.

Rolex, Cartier, VC, FM and Omega, mostly used watch, they speak Mandarin also.

Softbank is a high end watch shop, they have a lot of Hi end stuff, price wise is not as seen as Cheap at all.

There are at least two Daikokuya in the mall, mainly selling Rolex, and The used watch price of Rolex is almost the same as in HK, and Some are cheaper by 3% and some are quite expensive, as a Black Daytona Ref 116520 is about HKD$82,000 after conversion by today Exrate 0.06475.

This is a Barkery Shop the name is "Dalloyau" pronounces as " 大籮友 " in Cantonese!

Standing in front is my new wife

This is a Good restaurant that serve one of the best Wagyu , and the price is quite reasonable. Though I could not buy any Rolex, al least I could enjoy such a kind of good Japanese Beef.


I had been working in Japan in 1987-1989, and my last time went there was a few years ago! Well, I see Japan quite differently today as comparing with 25 years ago.

The people is not seen to be so Happy or Rich as It was 25 years ago. From the way they dress and they way they spend money. Of course, I judge from the luxary goods they are selling and many shops selling used Luxury goods: bag, jewellery, watches ...etc.

The Mall is old it is almost no change in the past 25 years.

There was only People speaking Japanese, now I went to a Yakiniku restaurant Today, 3 out of 4 staff can speak Mandarin!

In the mall, 35% of people is Chinese and many of the rest 65% seems to be also Chinese!

Watch price is no longer attractive at all since last price increase of 4 to 10% in January 2015. 

I think 95% of the Rolex hot models like Submariner Ref 116610LN, Ref 116610LV, Explorer II, GMT Master Ref 116610LN and Ref 116710BLNR, Deepsea, Daytona Steel and Sea Dweller were snapped off by the foreign Chinese or Hong Kongers...

I went to Kyoto Isetan, Osaka Daimaru, I cannot find even one peice of the above watch.

And I had not purchased any watches at all, as I obviously can get easier and cheaper in HK for those models I mention here.

But It is a good chance to see a lot of watches there and to understand the trend of the major brands in the Japanese market.

The worst is I went with a girl who stopped me buying anything... this and that, she could buy herself but i could not...

Sometimes, I had intention to exercise my Wing Chun Kuen on her...but she is the talented master of Er Mei!
So I had better keep quiet :(

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