Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FrankenWatch Rolex Ref 18049?

Recently friend of mind took one Ref 18049 to RVC to service, the person in charge told my friend that Ref 18049 does not carry a Diamond dial, it has only Diamond bezel and not with Diamond Dial!!
And Friend of mine was advised to change with dial without diamond.
However, we can see Christie’s Auction, there is a few auction items come with Ref 18049 that has diamond Dial and Diamond Bezel, Why RVC can say that Ref 18049 does not come with Diamond Dial!
I hereby Request master collector to tell me why?
Of course, we value the saying of Rolex Service centre saying, but how about those people who bought Rolex Ref 18049 with Diamond Dial from Auction? That means Christie’s sells Frankenwatch!? Who is right and Who is Wrong!?
This is the watch that RVC changed a new dial for diamond dial!
HK Snob

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