Saturday, July 6, 2013

A 75 years old collector of Rolex had a Crazy Sales on his Rolex Collection because his 2nd wife was locked up in Macao by a Shark loan syndicate!

In Interesting story as you know there may be a lot of people who has a lot of Rolex, but I am not too sure there is a man who has a full collection of Ref 1803 with the following colour:

1. Red
2. Orange
3. Yellow
4. Green
5. Cyan
6. Blue Purple
7. Grey
8. Brownish Red
9. Black
10. White
11. Champagne gold
12. Lapis Lazuli Blue
13. Grossular stone, Bloodstone, Malachite, Marble!

There is a man who is aggressive to collect all the about with target to collect a series of all possible colour.

I really don't know how long it takes, but within two months, he had already ten Rolex DD with some of the sought after colour dial and precious metal for the watch! Well, he told me that he had met one man who…........

He met a man at Tsim Sha Tsui at a Hotel lobby who was asking someone for buying his basket of watch with 6 Rolex Day Date with one price only $300,000! This old man said he needs money for his wife who went Macao and lost over $1,000,000, he had not enough cash as his young Wife’s HK ID card was confiscated by a gangster of loan Shark and she could not come back HK without the “ransom” paid!

He has not enough cash in that Saturday evening… he was so worry that he cannot get his wife back and he was threaten that her young beautiful wife would be “tortured” if no cash on Sunday before noon… Of course he cannot call help for Police… as she may be exposed as her “intimated affair” to his family!

Who would believe this as it appeared to be a Fraud…

In Old Chinese saying’, " Why there is so big toad jumping on the Road!?"

Well, friend of mine was wondering if those are a fake watches or not, but he is not a simple man too…who spotted at least two of them is not fake, as there were two chaps who was so much interested in buying. He thought that two chaps are the partners of the old man!?

Quick decision was made him an immediate decsiion drew cash from the ETC, of course he called two of his friend to help (one of them has two ETC, in HSBC each day we can draw $50,000 only!)

He gave the old man cash $250,000 with some discount.

Later he found that these are the watched he bought within 1 hour.

1. Rolex Ref 1803 yellow gold with champagne gold dial with diamond, with sold strap (market price $75,000)

2. Rolex Ref 1803 white gold with white dial and diamond, leather strap (market price $65,000)

3. Rolex Ref 1803, Yellow gold Brownish Red with diamond dial with leather strap. (market price $88,000)

4. Rolex Ref 1803, Yellow Gold with Green Dial… (market price $100,000)

Base on my estimation, the following 4 watches worth more than $300,000 already!

Friend of mine does not want to tell the detail information of other three other Rolex Day Date…

I believe his purchased Rolex worth more than $600,000 and I am sure that old man would not care so much as he might have a lot more Rolex at home….

In Hong Kong, there are a lot of transparent billionaires. And that old man is one of them.

Well, This is another case of if you are rich, you can be richer.

A Quick decision either makes you a wiser man of a victim of fraud.

If you are knowledge enough some time you are able to tell that is a real case of watch sales or a fraudulent plot!?

This case makes me think of the case that one man sold one of the Patek Philippe enamel world time wrist watch at Cat Street with just $50,000. But no one was too sure if that was a fake one as no one had seen that watch… later the Jude buyer sold that watch in Auction for $1,300,000 , that was in 80s. Later we find that the watch was a real creator's item of Patek philippe and only three samples were made… Now I believe the same watch is probably worth more than $8,000,000!

Good stuff comes and goes in minutes… only wise man can make the right decision at the wrong moment.
Stupid man makes the wrong decision at the right moment!

A 75 years old man could get a young pretty lady as his “Wife”… money Talks!
If I had no money, girl walks!

These are the watches here shown on  the picture.

From left to right

Ref 1803 DD Green Dial

Ref 1803 DD Champagne Dial with Diamond and president strap

Ref 1803 DD White Gold with White Dial with Diamond

Ref 1803 DD Yellow gold with Arms of Arab Air force logo

Roger Dubuis Pink Gold Much More Perpetual calendar

Ref 1804 Platinum DD with Fantastic Colourful Blue Dial with Diamond

Ref 18238 DD with Onyx Dial double click with President strap

Ref 18038 DD with White dial and Roman numerals

Ref 18038 DD with Black dial

Well, in Today’s Hi-tea of Rolex fans…. He show me some of his “OLD Man’s Collection!”

Sham Shui Po Snob
I am drooling on the Ref 1804! A Fantastic Blue dial Rolex DD. The price of this watch is Damn Expensive!


Anonymous said...

I'mLove the Pink one!

HK Snob said...

Pink one is still available
Only $47,000!
HK Snob