Sunday, July 7, 2013

The process of searching your dream Watch is always more fun than you have found it…

How to be a Happy Man?

These are some of condition that you would not feel happy at all!

1. If you spend more than 1 hour to go to work, worse is you have to go by public transportation at rush hour.

2. If the one sits beside you is a man that got strong body odor whilst you are going to fly long haut flight to Europe in an Economy class.

3. Your Boss always complains your performance is not as good as he is expecting… Of course, or you would be the boss of that dickhead instead!

4. You have more than 2 mistresses at same time but you do not have money enough to continue that relation.

5. Your boss earns $8,000 an hour but you earn $300, you had to work 5 times harder…

6. People say” it is not the length, it is not the size, so long if you can make it rise!”

But you can no make it rise…

7. Sad to see that your dream girl had already engaged with your best friend.

8. The Time when you carry an umbrella, it never rains, and when you do not carry the umbrella, it pours!

9. Sad to see the review is always less than the amount of inflation!

10. Your subordinate once becomes your direct boss.

11. Your Boss is a woman who is always sex harassing you in office.

12. After sex, we could not find the condom in dark. After two weeks your girl friend sue you in court as find it inside her... and worst thing is she was tested pregnant

13. Your two close girl-friends meet discover you at same time same place in the party

14. Rolex Service Centre lady rejects service of your Rolex Day Date Saying that the Dial is not original. In fact you bought that Watch at Rolex AD! What can you do!?

15. To buy a vintage Rolex Ref 1804 with Brunswick Green dial with 44 diamonds with hundred thousand of dollar, and later found that the dial had a hairy crack!

Never mind, the day will not be perfect always, tomorrow will be another day!

Comparison is odorous, it is important is to feel good about what you have and try not to get something that you may not able to get it.

Like the Rolex Collection, the process of searching the dream Watch is always more fun than you have found it…

Sham Shui Po Snob

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