Friday, July 12, 2013

Searching a Lost Rolex

On one special day, my Father lost his Rolex OysterQuartz Day Date in the Room, he was bending his waist searching half day for it.

At all drawers, study room corners, under the cabinets at the Kitchen…he could not find it! He rush out for a hang out…

I started to search for it… within 3 minutes, I found it!

My father came home with a metal Detector and asked me how could I find it?

I said ”I closed all windows, I sit down and listen carefully under a quiet atmosphere, I found it in the pocket on your suit!”

The Morale of the story is: if you are hurry, you cannot solve the problem. If you calm down and think of the right way, you can solve the problem much easier!

Rolex OysterQuartz is no like normal Quartz watch, it carries a special design mechanism works like your automatic watch that has an escapement fork, it makes a “Tick Tag” every second!

Rolex produces approximately 25,000 OysterQuartz since 1977 till 2001. About 500 pieces of White gold, about 3000 pieces of Yellow Gold, rest are stainless steel and Two tone.

An ideal Watch for you that has no hassle on the accuracy and durability! The battery cell runs about 3 years and Rolex Service Centre offer FREE battery Replacement Forever!

HK Snob

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