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How to prevent your Expensive Watch being Scratched!?

                A BWM being scratched by some one at BMW Boutique  I saw Last Week

                                                            A badly scratched Oyster Bracelet
Wear an Old torn Jean, why not wear an old scratched watch?
When I was young I used not to wear brand new shoes as classmate will find a way an excuse to step on them, especially the White Sport shoes (白飯魚) we used to painted it white by “White Rabbit Paint”.
Stonewashed jean
Jean manufacturer uses Laser to burn the jean create some random worn-out pattern on it, put them into an industrial washing machine and stonewash put in the washers with tennis ball sized pumice stones. The pumice stones are lightweight and have a sandpaper-like surface, as the fabric tumbles through the wash, the pumice stones scrape away some of the dyed surface threads, allowing the lighter colored threads to show through. That is ways to make the jean look old and worn off.
So How about your watch I think no one need a Stonewashed Watch, I am sure. If you want, you can follow the same method to handle your jean.
Why one is so cautious not to make any scratches on your watch?
Do you like your expensive watch to have scuffs and Scratches!?
People do:
1.       Stick on the Buckle of Rolex with 3M Transparent tape, many people does.
2.       Put a transparent Nitto transparent tape on the Crystal
3.       There was product that like the Face Mask of the Kando to put onto the Watch to stop impact and scratches from Casio in the 80s.
4.       Dragon Shield WIPE-ON ARMOR Nano Liquid Screen Protector (2 ml) it is abrasive proof but the goods is discontinued.
5.       Casio Protrek PRW-2000Y Screen Protector 34mm

I believe no one likes, and as a matter of fact many people does not wear it because so afraid of being be SCARCTHED buy some other people…
So most of people does not like watch being scratched, some of them keep them in the dark cold safe. But I think we can use it everyday, with some of the prevention we can avoid serious scratches or dents, which is un-repairable, thin hair line scratches can always be polished and removed in the Watch Service Centre.
Since Rolex watch glass is Sapphire which is very hard and scratches resistive, only the case is prone to be scratched.
People say my watch look like new even after many year of usage. Simply I care about it and Pay attention on it.
Rub, clean with tissues paper, Shirt as it is embedded with tiny abrasive particle that would scratched your polished watch.
Blow off the sand on your watch after going to beach water it under lukewarm water and soap before it is cleaned by cloth, or he sand particle will scratch your watch and leaving permanent scars.
But a Sheep skin at about HKD$180 that is being used for watch cleaning. It could be washed clean, dry and re-use… the best for cleaning your watch.
Don't Drop your hand with the Expensive watch moving in the MTR, I used to put my wrist with my watch placed in front of my belly. Sometimes I cover the watch with my Right Palm.
Don’t close the door of the car using your left hand, friend of mine had a thin Concord of about 2mm thick banned by the door of the Taxi and the watch was bent!
If possible use your hand holding the handle of the MTR or train as it is safe when the watch it is up.
Beware backpacker’s backpack which can easily chip away 5 micron or more of gold from your watch surface when it was swung and hit on your watch purposely or unintentionally.
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