Sunday, February 17, 2013

Who are the major Customers who buy Rolex in Hong Kong and Macao?

Who People buying Rolex in HK and Macao!?

Talking about brand name in vast scale publicity, I believe no one does not know about Rolex! And Rolex seems the most common name for Swiss luxury watch.

So what do you think WHO buy Rolex in HK!?

1. Rolex is mostly welcome by pawn shop of HK.

You can see how many watch is Rolex in those 100 pawn shops near Lisboa Hotel Macao? That is Rolex. So when people win a fortune in The Casino, the first thing is to buy a Rolex for himself and a DateJust Lady for his one-night Girl friend there.

2. People buy Rolex as testament for marriage. Many couple bought Rolex man for

he and one for her in 80s and 90s before the marriage. Every anniversary, they wear it and take the dinner under the candles.

3. People buys Rolex because that is a “Me too” watch!

4. Rolex Collectors buy Rolex.

5. Speculators buy Rolex, at least I was the one who bought 4 Rolex Explorer I with HKD$14,000 in Singapore in 1995. They sold it next day when I retuned HK.

6. People buys Rolex as a standard tool for work, salesman, tour guide, banker, pilot, carpenter, Pilots, flight attendants, construction worker that used Daytona SS Black Dial…etc

Salesman like I used to wear A Day Date White Gold for work.

7. Professionals that wear Rolex for diving, hiking, working in Lab, hospital, clinic…etc

8. Business lady that wear Rolex Explorer II black for work as they do not have to leave I on the table when she goes to take a bath.
9. Movie Star, Celebrity and their Fans, Leon Lai Ming wears Submariner White Gold Ref 116619LB, and fans have to catch up with him wearing the same or similar model.

10. Lucky Girl that buys a Rolex on Saint Valentine’s Day using her boy Friend Credit card.

11. Chinese Tycoon buys 10 Rolex each time coming to HK as give-away item to their clients in China.

12. Since Rolex is so boring as it never fail or stop after using for 20 , 30 years, only post 90’s people would be the new potential customer in HK, so the market for HK people is diminishing everyday, the major buyer is from Mainland China, Indonesian, Thai and Australian. I think 70% of the watches were going to the mainland China Visitors nowadays, 20 percents to the other foreign visitor and 10% to people of HK.

13 Someone had an affair with the one (2nd Wife) he loves in China, they used to buy a 26mm Lady Date Just Stainless or two tone for her…

14. Who else?

HK Rolex Snob

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