Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watch Shops in Prince Edward MTR Station, Kowloon

                                                  Prince Edward MTR Station Exit "B2"

                                         "Vallee de Joux" just oppposite MTR Exit "B2"

                                                            Kowloon Watch Company

Win Fat Watch and Jewellery

Pre owned Rolex watch shop at Prince Edward MTR station We can easily access to these shops which is about 80 metres radius at MTR exit B.

There are three watch shops at Prince Edward MTR Namely Kowloon Watch Company which was Rolex AD before.
Win Fat watch and Jewelllery shop company, and Vallee De Joux.

These are their watch price as on today 24 Feb

Vallee De Joux
DeepSea Ref 116660 HKD$82,500 with paper and box. (New Watch at Rolex AD is HKD$82,500 less 5%; HKD$78,375).

Explorer II Ref 16570 HKD$36,800 with paper (Discontinued Model).

Milgauss Ref 116400 green bezel green glass HkD$41,800 (New Watch at Rolex AD is HKD$59,600 Less 5% , HKD$55,620).

Submariner Ref 16600T HKD$48,000 with paper (Discontinued model).

Date Just lady Ref 178274 blue dial Jubilee strap HKD$53,800.

Win Fat Watch Company

There are over 200 Rolex in the shops and some of them are brand new.

These are some of them I caught at the window display.

Daytona Ref 116520 stainless steel black dial HKD$99,800. (Rolex AD is selling at HKD$95,000 net) Daytona Ref 116520 Stainless steel white dial HKD$84,800 (Rolex AD is selling HKD$87,500 net)

Submariner stainless steel Ref 116610LN HKD$56,800 with paper (Rolex AD is selling HkD$62,100 less 5% ; HKD$58,995)

Yacht Master Ref 16622 stainless steel white dial Ref 84,800 (Rolex AD is selling HKD$87,500 less 5%: HKD$83,125)

Kowloon Watch Company

They sell only new watch, Kowloon watch company represents Seiko, Longine, Omega, etc.

There are big price difference between pre-owned watch and which selling as new at Rolex AD especially Daytona, mainly because there is long queue for New Rolex Daytona at an AD. All it takes it supply and demand, but I would wait for new Daytona at Rolex AD as no one knows the history of that watch.

There are many people do not know that there are many watches selling as USED with price even higher than the new watch at Rolex AD. Please check carefully before you give them your credit card!!

It is a good shopping at Prince Edward Road as after the shopping, you can go to the next two shop of Win Fat for the HK Famous dessert at Shun Yee dairy, and street on next block which sells pets, fishes, and or Fa Hui (Flower market) for all kinds of flowers. What a nice Place for Watch Window Shopping in Saturday Afternoon!

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