Friday, February 22, 2013

Times have Changed over the years, One thing has not changed!

Rolex Day Date White Gold, my work horse, and a Stack of
facial Paper with Motif of US Dollar
Taken By HTC Handphone

When I was in Middle School, we used to say’ good Morning! Sir!” first to teacher when I was young and I know that now the teacher will say “Good morning students!” first when the class begins.

in 70's ,when we enter a taxi, the driver will say “Morning Sir!”

Now I am the one only say “ Morning!” when I entre the taxi in HK!”

In the 90, there is a lot of people would give seat to the senior or the pregnant woman, now I see the seniors will give seat to the young kids, and worse thing is. They do not know how to say” Thank you!

When I was a bit younger, when I see a pretty woman, and he noticed you were watching her, she smiled at me… Now, when I do the same to the woman. She will give me a dirty eyes and immediate want to call “999” for help!!

We used to open talking to someone for a proposal to the love Hotel in a very conservative way using various kind of sweet talks… now the woman asked me Straight which hotel is nearest?

I was the one on top as missionary position, now I am always the one under her…

We used to deliver Milk Power, condensed milk to Relative in China back in 80s’

Now Chines to buy all the Milk Powder in HK…What’s wrong with the milk farming industry in China?

We used to hear that the policemen said words of profanity to the driver, hawkers, and suspects! Now we can always say “bad words” to the policemen, they response with words of “ Thank you!”

We used to be having legislative meeting in a profound, organized sensible ways, now the Senate can throw anything to our respectful chairmen of the legislative council : Coffin, banana, Water bottle, shoes, may be later knife and Axes!?

We used to promote people for good performance such as good sales revenue, big order received when I was with Siemens back in 1985. Now, we used to promote people who does not necessarily make sales but must be a “Yes Man”! and be a good boy who can paint a “Picture of Rose Garden ” at the Operation Meeting.

We used to have a man who is taller when we seek girl friends for marriage, now the man is always shorter, and the woman is taller and much more attractive than the man….and Richer… What happened, a social re-bounce of the Ugly Short man like I?

It used to be you’d dinner at home and go out for entertainment!”

Now you do entertainment at home and go out for dinner!’
Joseph Sharpe, President of the International Flipper Pinball Association (IPFA) said, “Times have changed!” 

One Thing for sure has not changed, that is Rolex,  it was my first love and likely that is my best Love. Rolex Quality Does not change… It was started with best quality already since early 20's.

HK Rolex Snob


Anonymous said...

it is true. my lady is richer than i. but i used to be richer than she. but it's ok because she bought me a Rolex!

but>>> I am still on top! ;-)

that has not changed!

HK Snob said...

You are Hilarious!
There are a lot of men who eats
"Soft Rice" and I hope you are not one of them! In fact, I like to be like that but that takes a lot of energy and power to be good at that.
My lady is always on top, and I am fond of doing that, becasue that is a good view to see everything and the TV...
You are lucky man as woman buys you Rolex!
I had bought at least 4 Rolex to the women in my life. That is a good practice if I can still afford.
I do not regret as ROlex is the best gift for Lady you love!

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

i eat half soft half hard rice... i work also i do not like to be lazy just to look at my Rolex all day long.

good day to you sir!


HK Snob said...

Hi M,
I eat hard rice, usually congee as I am comign from a Poor family, I have a lot of responsibility which take all my salary every month. I envy those who can eat Soft Rice. that are some kind of super man, I don't think I can eat that Kind of Rice. The only thing now Is to work harder and looking at my Rolex for a small appreaciation as reward!
Thanks for your comment too.
Have a nice Week End!
HK Snob

deshk said...

I couldn't agrre more about the changes.
I born in earlier 80s, I do see the differences.
Especially, girl used to smile back, when you look at her, and now they get mad because of that.
Moreover, it happened to me that, I simply praised a girl who is pretty among in my friend's group. Someone may get angry because of that.

HK Snob said...

Hi Deshk,
I think that is the norm of most of the girl, but I remember one Guy who used to be one of the top Pen Collector in HK. he taught me one thing that I was not aware.
When you want to pick up the girl, try the most beautiful one, he said as they are the easiest!
Do not pick up the average one as they are mostly been chasing by many men. That is too difficult.
he said he has a dozen of friends who is pretty, well educated, rich but no boy friends. This is something that triggers me, someone simle back to you may be the most pretty one, and some one gives me a dirty eyes likley the average one. So next time try to change the target to the most pretty one, taller one, with a MB, BM or Lambor those are supposed the easiest one that she may like you!! try...
back to you case, I am seeing changes again, can you see more and more girls have boy friends with Mainland Chinese, as there are the new match, and It is not rare to see Girl with average beauty going with Indian and Pakistiani boy friends. WHY? because you did not smile to them once, twice ...Next time try...and HK men is too conservative now comparing with 80s', Whereas those South Asian are so outgoing and smiling people!
but don't complain me when she slap you face, well that may be the signal to Going Love-hotel!
So every time bring you own bag (condom)
HK Snob