Monday, February 11, 2013

How to get more discount buying Rolex in Hong Kong?

There is a Policy Rolex AD is strictly not allowing more than standard 5% discount to every buyer In Hong Kong.

And being a High profile Blogger, I have been referring some of my known friends to get extra discount… and many insiders told me Rolex is keeping an eye on me.

Well, to Rolex, I think I am being treated both Hate and Love… as you can see I am Rolex Collector, and Every article I am telling my true Passion on Rolex…

But on the other hand… I am considered doing something jeopardizing their selling policy.

I am doing my best to help many of the Rolex lovers to get some extra discount buying Watches Rolex, Omega, IWC, Cartier. and many others only. And Worst thing is , I earn nothing… I am working in another industry to earn my rice and congees.

As far as Rolex internal Price strategy, there will ne a very harsh punishment to the Watch Shop Roles Authorized dealer to sell watch more 5% to buyers..

So in order not to hurt anyone I know in the Rolex AD chain…

I have better keep away from this…

However, friend, visitor of my blogs advised me to give an advice to you on how to get extra discount yourself… this is some of the Advice,.,. And I can not say this is my Advice!

Try to ask as many discounts as possible as if they know you are not the undercover of Rolex and they will grant you more discount like less 8% to less 14%!

I have seen some walk-in can get a Milgauss green Glass with less 13% may be he is a smart negotiation,,, well worth a trial…

Buy Rolex at a low season, that is they need more revenue to pay the rent…

Xmas, CNY, New year, Feb 5-13 Oct 1-10, May 1-10 is peak shopping season, buying other than this period may have Higher chance to get more discount…

Show you are the Foreigner with passport, Driving license, and name card… that tell the Shop manager you are not really the undercover.

That is it… try your luck and tell me if that works…

HK Snob
Watch Fever


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,
I look at the picture in this post and wonder,
"are all of those Rolex watch in the picture yours?"
If the answer is yes ( I bet it is), then Rolex must give you award for "True Rolex Lover"
Albert, Indonesia

HK Snob said...

Hi Albert, Most of them has been my watch before and some are still my watch Except the green One and Red one ...

Yes, I think Rolex Should recognize me one of the True Rolex Lovers


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

I'm currently in Hong Kong for holiday with my family till Sunday. I was hoping to buy my first Rolex here thinking it would be cheaper than my home country (Thailand). But after asking nearly every shop on Nathan road. It seems like Thailand Rolex is cheaper now.

I'm looking for a white face air king 34" screen. All shops are quoting $38,500 HK and only give 5% discount. Which makes it a bit more expensive than Thailand. I was hoping to get 10% discount and would definitely buy in Hong Kong.

Any help would be much appreciated.


HK Snob said...

mail to me

What colour and dial you want.. No problem

HK Snob