Saturday, August 25, 2012

What watch I wear to work?

Someone asks me what kind of “Equipment” I used to wear to work!?
These are my standard equipment when I go to work, a Rolex Date Day 18 KT White Gold with Diamond bezel, A 18KT Piaget Wrist Chain, and a 18KT white gold Chain with a Holy Cross I bought in Regensburg. As I am Roman Catholic and I believe that Holy Cross has been keeping me safe all the time during travelling. A rare 1946 Parker 51 Sterling Silver Cap Fountain pen as it has a superb fine nib that could write beautifully.
I have some kind of passion on White gold as it is white that stand for purity and eternity, it is a precious metal that is strong enough to resist scratches, of course it would be severely damaged if it crashed by a passer by wearing a massive Panerai made of ceramic! White gold to me carries also an image of strength and Power that only demanding watch connoisseur who knows about it. Someone says why not Platinum, yes, but it is more expensive that gold and it has a light grey colour texture. White gold is low profile and matches best with white diamond. It is massive as the watch is about 140gf in weight, the Piaget weight about 40grams and the white gold chain weighs about 30 grams, total of 210 grams. I think that if necessary I Can try my luck at Hotel Lisboa Macao by putting the Rolex on the table for black jack, Rolex's value is like Cash! Like what we have seen about Sean Connery removed his Longines putting it on the casino table to be accepted as betting cash! (1986 Longines TV ads).
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