Friday, August 31, 2012

Cartier Panther Watch

Introduced in 1914, the motif, was inspired by Louis Cartier’s fellow jeweler Jeanne Toussaint, who was nicknamed the Panther. Style icons as Chloë Sevigny and Rachel Zoe claimed this to be her favorite piece. Since then most probably, this Panther would have appeared in many forms as ring, pen and watch. This is a white gold wrist watch for woman with the same design from Cartier’s traditional Panther, it is an icon of power, wild untamed, with some echo of women’s non-feminine temper burst out when she is crush on you, or to reward to her talent and ingenuous wills to be successful. Driven by Quartz of course, as this is one of the points lady wants a watch to be… accurate, dependable and needless to adjust, ready to be used. Price HKD$400,000.00 estimated.
PS this watch does not come with diamond on the body, you can use if frequently, like going supermarket!
HK Snob


haijun fan said...

トリーバーチは今、アメリカ人だけでなく、世界人もそのブランド品に憧れています。全部から見て、トリーバーチは普通ではないんですが、高級感もたっぷりあります。特別なデザインをして、外のブランドと比べては、自分なりのセンスを自ら演出しています。シンプルで、豪華感もあります。一目で、トリーバーチを見ると、すぐその魅力さにこころから惹かれました。すごく愛しています。でも、今の私はたとえトリーバーチ フラットまで手に入れることができません。だから、今、頑張って行っていきます。将来のある日に絶対トリーバーチを持っています。

HK Snob said...

Hi Jaijin Fan
You are right, Panther is a lover motif for Watch, especially under Cartier Jeweller paintaking works
It will be a classic and it is a Forever jewellery for woman, I admire woman who wear.
HK Snob