Monday, August 6, 2012

Rolex Platinum Day Date Ref 118260

Platinum is the rarest of all the major precious metals. It is the heaviest and most dense of all precious metals. It will neither oxidize nor easily deform by itself.

When the Metre system was introduced, the standard reference for both the meter and the Kilogram were produced in a platinum-iridium alloy so as to make them as impervious as possible to chemical and physical deformation. Twenty tons of ore must be extracted at depths ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 metres underground to accumulate enough platinum to make one Rolex Day Date Ice blue watch case!

Platinum is particular heavy and resistant, it is extremely arduous to work. The Hugh specific gravity platinum makes great demands on the skill and experience of watchmakers. To ensure a fully watertight oyster case, for instance, they must adjust its parts to within one-hundredth of a millimeter! 

The fabrication of a mere five watchcases in platinum results in as much wear on tools as fabricating some one hundred gold cases. Though they are milled and cut by CNC (computer numerical control machine). That is tedious to monitor the tool life and also take much work to perfect the final polishing by hand.

In short, a Rolex stainless steel Oyster Perpetual Date Just watch is selling $X, a solid yellow gold Day Date is selling 4X, and a platinum Day Date Ice-blue is selling about 9X! You can see what value is Platinum is!

Rolex Ice Blue Day Date is my dream Rolex watch, as it is Grey-white, purity, sleek look on smooth polished bezel, low-profile, solid and elegant, heavy, and Most of all, it can be used in all occasions!  

Ref 118206-83206 Rolex Day Date Ice-blue Platinum is now selling at HKD$430,000.00, subject to 5% discount in HK Rolex AD.
HK Snob


Adrian Tsang said...

I like ice blue DDII very much but the price in nowadays is just too much. Moreover, it is just too heavy for daily use.

Adrian Tsang said...

I love ice blue pt DDII too. However, it is just too heavy for daily wear.

HK Snob said...

Dear Adrian
Being a DD lover, I use it everyday for work and afterwrok, as many of our friends who are Rolex Lovers keep saying that If you are allowed to choose one watch for everyday use, work, Happy hour, KTV signing with Cute Len Mon, go with customer for business discussion, go for a Sanua, Rolex DD is best, at it never lose face , and White Gold or platinum is a bit low profile!
I used DD which is about 150grams, DD II is more heavy likely 170 grams, Well, DD is OK and I do not feel Heavy, may be DD II is a bit too big and too heavy for me...
It is Expensive, but knowing that is the ultimate Choice for Best Flagship Rolex!
Let's see when I can buy one! ^&*S*
Have a nice day Rolex DD lovers
HK Snob

Adrian Tsang said...

I do agree that DD would definitely be the choice if I were jallowed to pick just one watch for daily use.
I have been hunting for vintage DD with exotic/special dial for quite a while but it is not that easy to find a nice one in good condition.
I heard that there are a bunch of vintage Rolex shops in Italy selling collectible items and I am so regret that I didn't check out anyone of them while I was working in Italy.
Just hope that I would have a chance to go there again in the near future.

HK Snob said...

Hi Adrian,
Next time when you go there, you have to look for it, the famous Stella Red dial was made in Italy! Send me some pictures if you can find them as i have no chance yet to Italy! Me too, I like colorful exotic dial. Hk Snob