Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tag Heuer Calibre S

Tag Heuer has always been known for their top-notch diving and formula car race timer watches, with many of their watches ranking among the top watches in the world. Somehwat like the Monaco, that is one of the beautiful watches from Tag Heuer. With the Calibre S Chronograph, TAG Heuer stepped it up a notch or two. This watch is specifically and masterfully designed to be the best watch TAG has ever made. A new way to display the chronograph, powered by a super precision Quartz engine. very massive case as it is made of high quality stainless steel, smooth and comfortable to wear but the watch will not move around your wrist. Battery can likley last for 5 years in normal use, unless your set your chronograph frequently.
HK Snob


Anthony Jones said...

Huge fan of Tag Huer, I love the design on this, do you have a price?

HK Snob said...

Dear Anthony,
Colleague showed me his Tag Huer yesterday, he just told me he bought it at about HKD$18,000 two years ago.
HK Snob

Alain said...


I would like to contact you about TAG Heuer. Could you please give me a valid mail, phone number or any other tool to contact you ?


HK Snob said...

hi Alain
You like Tag Huer? wait as I am going to put ad for two Tag Huer for let go... is my contact. mail me and I can whatsapp you.
Where are you from!?
HK Snob