Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seiko and the Grand Seiko

Will you spend HKD$40,000 to buy an Automatic Stainless steel Seiko!?
Yes, there are people who are truly watch collector as they are not ordinary Seiko, it is grand Seiko Hi beat, the frequency of the watch is 36,000 cycle per minute which will bring a mechanical watch to a higher accuracy than ordinary Watch.
In Order to move at such high frequency, there are a lot of challenges such as lubrication, wear and tear of the jewels and pin-lever-encapement. Seiko has successfully solved this problem by introducing the GS Seiko in 1970’s
This is the beloved item for Japanese and now they are open to Asia and US market.
Go and see, find a plain, stainless steel watch in a form of Pure Mechanical Art.
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