Sunday, August 12, 2012

Collecting Rolex Watch

When we buy Rolex, try to keep all document and invoice as it can tell the history of that watch probably can last for generations.

This is Ref 1601 Date Just two tone Pink Gold bought in 1976, at that time the price was HKD$1,872, now this new watch is about HKD$70,000,  Capitol was a big watch shop that time, now it has been the history, but the watch can be a witness about the time.

Another one was Ref 15000 stainless steel only HKD$9,090 when it was sold in 1989., now it become a collectible watch as it is made of the famous cal. 3035, a superb watch made by Rolex,
Now a new watch of this likely about HKD$50,000.00.

The Precious metal will keep value better as there is less units were made, if there is a White Gold Rolex Day Date 1957 with Blue Dial, by now it can be a big fortune for sure.
Next time when you buy a Rolex, Keep everything, including the warranty card, box, Rolex Chrometer Seal and Invoice. It is about passion of being a Rolex lover and a passion to appreciate one of the Finest Swiss Watch! And a passion to keep the best value of your investment!
Look at that Size comparison with the Daytona!
HK Snob


Adrian Tsang said...

Really nice. It seems that you take really good care of your watches.

Ruby Claire said...

It seems old, but a stylish collection.

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Adrian Tsang said...

this is my one.


HK Snob said...

Hi Ruby Claire,
They are old buy a very good style and taste. I still recall Sarah Jessica Parker bought her beloved Man a vintage Rolex Date just Stainless of 60s for his beloved man on his birthday, the watch is actually 90s'looking from the Jubilee strap.
The Production manager should find of these, esp. the Pink gold and stainless steel on, it is really from the 60s! The sad thing was her men bought Sarah a LCD TV!, Jessica like hand bag and or a big Diamond!
HK Snob

HK Snob said...

Hi Adrian Tsang
OMG, Man, WOW, That is awesome,
You are the Man!

The Onyx is rare, plus the large Container diamonds on the bezel!
It is Beautiful!!

How much did you buy that!?
HK Snob

rosey123 said...

These are lovely collections. These pieces are timeless and priceless! You are really good in keeping watches, too. These all look like they've just been bought days ago.

HK Snob said...

Hi Rosey123,
You are right, they have seen experiencing many Springs and Winters already, with passionate caring, they got no Wrinkles!
This is really good vintage Rolex!
HK Snob