Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Omega and Omega Constellation

Came Across a Super Blog about Omega Constellation. From there I can learn a lot on Omega and many other things about watch. Worth your time to go and look at it. There are a lot of interesting way to maintain and service your watch too!

PS. The bottom left Omega is Fake!

HK Snob


Lwklis said...

Nice Omega watch collection!

HK Snob said...

Hi Lwkis
I did not any picture on my watch before , I felt a bit "missing" after I sold them to some collectors, Like the Red Dial, and Yellow Dial Omega Speedmaster Schumacher!
But I still keep some of them till now.
Omega Constellation in the 60's still classified the ledgend of Watch, but price is high for good condition one.
HK Snob

JTK said...

Hi Snob,
Prices are (unrealistically) high for the solid gold case versions. For the stainless steel and gold capped models, approx. $1000 USD should net you a decent conditioned piece, which in my opinion is dirt cheap. These vintage Constellations are really under-valued today, as they used to be as highly regarded if not more so as comparable Rolex Datejusts in the 1950's/60's.

HK Snob said...

Thanks for comment!
Yes, people rated Constallation was better than any Rolex in 50/60

Still up to today, when we open the case and see the beautiful Omega movement, it more pretty and more shinning than Rolex.
May be they used brass alloy base material, looks like half gold in colour, and may of our OLDER watch collectors is desparately looking for old Solid gold Omega Constallation. I am one of them, but I am short of cash to do that..
The De ville manual Winding watch was my first omega watch bought new from Shop with HKD$1,080 in 1976.
at that time a Pink gold Rolex Date Just Two tone with date is HKD$1,780. You see that the price of manula wind gold plated Omega was 60% of a Famous Two Tone Pink gold Rolex DAte just 36mm!!
Man, I smell a Omega in front or Me... Now friend of mine, after using 30 years, do not want to sell back to me... I miss that watch! Well., it is being used the oldest known friend of mine...
I am happy too!!

HK Snob