Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Seiko Quartz VFA Solid Gold Day Date Watch

The Seiko Astron 35SQ was the first Quartz watch in the World launched in 1969 in Japan...unfortunately only in 100 pieces in gold and for an astronomic price equal to a Toyota Corolla. Seiko created the first true Quartz with a step-down motor that became a reliable standard in the industry. The Seiko 3823A aka 38SQ is their first mass-produced Quartz introduced to market in 1971 a year ahead of the European competitors who then had tiny stepping-motors only in prototype versions. Simply compare this 1971 construction against Swiss and American concepts produced later.

Japanese movements were always known for their perfect alignment of the components. VFA = Very Fine Adjustment to 5 sec/month...all for a price of ¥150.000. The movement is "Superior" in every aspect and this trademark was later used instead of VFA.

This is an Super rare Solid 18KT solid gold version with special Japanese traditional handcraft case, very unique and very special to own, I believe by time they sold this in Ginza Daimaru would be about ¥300,000 that could possibly buy a small house in some sub rural area of Tokyo.

And you can possibly can see only 1 Gold Version in 10,000 units possibly 1 Solid White Gold version in 25,000 Seikos. Well, how much a GS Seiko Solid yellow gold watch now? HK$220,000!

 After 4 decades, this piece of watch does not look aged. In fact, it stays strong, health and had been witness few tenth of summers and winters.  I call this Day Date Seiko Day Date!

Now you can get to be the owner of this watch!

HK Snob