Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mid-Autumn Moon-Phase watch feature

The moon phase complication may not be the most practical complication of all. It may be rendered obsolete by some. However, it is absolutely one of the most romantic complications on watches. At Mid-Autumn Festival, we present you a few watches with the moon phase complication that will impress.


1.      Grand Lange 1 Moon phase

The Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase is not just another Lange 1 in a bigger case. The moon phase is displayed on the same dial that displays the hours and minutes. Not only does this enable a clearer display of the moon phase, it also gives a stronger visual impact to the wearer. At 41 mm, the watch feels big enough on the wrist.

The moon phase display on the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase is accurate to 99.9978% and it is driven by two gears. The moon phase disc has 382 stars on it. The rose gold edition is especially charming. Of course you also get the familiar fine decorations on the hand-wound movement which features a 3/4 German silver plate with screwed gold chatons and hand-engraved balance cock.
2.      Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon

This is probably the watch that is the most dedicated to moon phase display. The 42mm watch has a moon phase display that makes sure you enjoy look at. The moon itself has a diameter of 11mm.



This watch is offered in both rose gold and stainless steel with different dial options including cream and blue and black guilloche dial. The display case back enables you to admire an indicator of eight moon phase stages on the movement. The movement is well-decorated with Geneve stripes. The best thing is these do not come at a hefty price
3.      Piaget Emperador Moon Phase

This is a huge watch with a huge moon phase display. The moon disc is designed to give you the texture of the moon surface. At 46.5mm, this watch has a rose gold case and a blue dial. As a dressy watch, this is meant to impress by its size.

Another version of this watch features an enamel map of the world on the dial. It may not have the most accurate moon phase display, but it surely shows some class.

As far as my personal favourite is the Blancpain moon phase, the Moon illustrates dirty eyes that seems look down all kind of people who does not like Blancpain, a beautiful example.

And My Roger Dubuis moon phase plate is entire piece of Lapis Lazuli , see how serious they treat this small piece of watch component!

That is what people say, the early watch model is usually heavily made regardless of cost.

That is one of the reason people collect Vintage Watches!

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