Saturday, September 17, 2016

MoonCake festival HKWF gathering

Time flies, it is Mid autumn festival, as I always say, after Chinese new year, it comes Ester, then Ching Ming, Mid Autumn festival, then Xmas and New pay day OMG! what did I get from the government except tax pay cheque!
When Friend asks me why I always wear a Rolex Day Date, why not a Submariner, or a Patek Philippe?
I told him, ' you are still young, as you are collecting Frogman, Well, I did collect Swatch back in 1990,
Times has gone...
I told him.. I bought my Solid Gold JLC Reverso only HK$24,000
My Daytona Two Tone with diamond with HK$56,000
Now it is HK$124,000! Daytona Steel with only HK$29,500
Now WOW, HK$135,000 same steel watch!
Time can tell by the Rolex price.
I told me people used to wear this in HK
20s -G shock
30s- Submariner
40s- Daytona Steel
50s - Day Date
60s- Patek Philippe
70s- Big Pocket watch size Watch as it is hard to read those tiny words on the dial.
80s- no need any watch as eyes see everything blurred.
90-s it is count down time, so if you can have big watch which can run Anti-clockwise, that would be the best gift for him.
100s- probably he has gone to heaven.All his Rolexes, Patek, VC, AP, JLC would either go into the pawn shop or being ripped off by his third or fourth wives'
... that ... is ... Life...!
HK Snob

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