Saturday, September 10, 2016

Let’s go green – HK Snob’s “Green” recommendations

As more and more of us call on going green, we, HKWF, also promote the “Going Green” campaign. We, HKWF, mean the color green. Let’s take a look at which green dial watches HK Snob approves.

1.      The Rolex Day-Date 40, Day-Date 36 green dial


The new 2016 Day-Date 40 olive dial is a marvel to wear and to look at. Offered in both white gold and rose gold, this DD40 is a must-have item. Just like the green Submariner, this DD40 is an anniversary model. We do recommend the rose gold version as the green dial complements rose gold better than white gold. Worn on the super shiny President bracelet, the dial has 3-dimensional roman numerals which add shine to the watch.

However, if you would like to have the Day-date at a more traditional and dressier size, the 118138 green is an equally good choice. The yellow gold DD is offered with a matching alligator strap. Worth noting is that the DD40 has a newer movement which offers 72 hours of power reserve.

Bjorn Borg with his Rolex 118138 green dial

2.    Rolex 116508 Green Daytona

Not a fan of the Day-Date? Not a problem. Here we have the 2016 new Rolex 116508 yellow gold Daytona in green. The dial has a sharper green color than the DD40’s green dial. The dial is accented by the red sub-dial rings and the red color at its hour markers.

If you would like to have only one Rolex in your life, this is the watch. It is also a perfect choice for you to upgrade your collection. The new Daytona 116508 is now accurate to +2/-2 seconds per day with the new Rolex standard. The tachymeter scale on the bezel has also been updated.


3.      Rolex 116610LV
If gold is not quite your taste, we can always go back to steel.
The Rolex 116610LV is your choice if you want to look sharp
without being too showy.
We all know that the Submariner is a very iconic watch. However, the black Submariner is too often seen in the street. The green 116610LV adds not only color but a lot of fun to the Submariner. The watch looks vivid and sharp. The color of the dial changes from jade to almost dark green under different lighting.
4.      Rolex 116718 GMT Master II Green dial
This is the ultimate GMT watch for many. The combination of yellow gold and a green dial is still impeccable. The dial completely steals the spotlight. The more ordinary version in black dial is a good choice if you prefer darker colors.

Ellen Degeneres and Mark Wahlberg also wear a green dial 116718.
HK Snob

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