Monday, September 5, 2016

Exploring the Rolex Explorer II models

Last week, we looked into the models of the Rolex Explorer I. If the Explorer I is too simple for you, you may want to get yourself an Explorer II, which is only a little more expensive than the Explorer I and comes with a little more on functions.
1. Rolex 16570
The 40mm 16570 has a red GMT hand which indicates whether it is the morning of the night. It is important for explorers to know that. Earlier 16570 still has tritium dials while later ones have superluminova on them. Lug holes are also only found on earlier models. Used ones retail for 30k to 37k HKD for both black and white dial. However, I do recommend buying the white dial version as it has a cleaner and simpler feeling on the dial. The proportion of the dial,hands and case is also more balanced than the new 216570.
2. Rolex 16550
3. Rolex 216570
The 42mm 216570 is the newest member of the Explorer II family. It is almost a re -edition of the vintage 1655 with an orange 24hour hand. On the black dial version, the hands are poorly proportioned and the hands are too short. Aesthetically, it is not as appealing as it predecessor. A 216570 sells for around 49.5k HKD BNIB and around 42K for used ones.
Please give us your views on which Explorer II you would like to have most and we will prepare one of the voters a small gift. Do vote and get lucky.
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New explorer white dial is more appealing than black