Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What should Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton wear on their wrists?

As Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns are in full swing, except the moving speeches, health issues and seemingly concrete promises, we may also look at something very important – what they wear to keep time.

First, let’s start with Mr. Donald Trump, the real estate billionaire. Well, Donald Trump actually has his own signature collection. Which is quite resemble the Rolex Daytona Ref 116520LN, doesn't it?

However, with his flamboyant and radical style, a Hublot or an Urwerk would best suit him. Imagine that Presidents of the United States wear an Urwerk with his suit, he will surely bring a lot of changes to this world.


But if he needs something to match his lovely golden hair, the Rolex DD40 yellow gold with gold dial will be perfect.


How about Mrs Hillary Clinton? 

As previous Secretary of State and Senator, she used to wear a Chanel J12 White Ceramic watch. I do think that a Cartier Tank Solo would be a good watch for her.
It is simple, elegant and inexpensive.
She also has a Rolex Ladies Date-just two tone. That watch maybe too shiny for her if she wins the presidential election.
Politicians’ watches convey certain messages. They usually do not wear something too luxurious as they want to win the hearts of everyone. Being too flamboyant may not be good for building a healthy public image. However, it seems that the world is tired of pretentious politicians who privately own a collection of luxury watches (Bill Clinton, for example carries the same watch I used to have a Roger Dubuis MuchMore limited to 28 pieces). Today’s world seems to be in need of bold heroes. The world is about to change. Whether the world chooses to face ourselves honestly or live with hypocrisy will be revealed soon.
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