Friday, January 15, 2016

YEEZY BOOST 350 MoonRock 5 and Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 Coral Red

YEEZY BOOST 350 MoonRock 5 and Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 Coral Red.

“Japanese says the Shoe is the face of the man”… I was taught by my Japanese teacher.

She said that you can read the man by his shoes, I think so, I wear a simple Clarks Active Air vent black shoes but I used to shoe shine it a bit before I leave for room… Like morning shaving on my face!

Marketing is the major factor to ensure the branding success, but if there is no element of what a good pair of shoe should carry, there is no way drive people line up for 2 days for it….


This is the story, Light weight, air ventilation characteristic like leather could breathe, good shock absorbance, comfort, well, that is still not good enough, The Designer shoes and back up with a good shoe manufacture Adidas will make this very successful. The Yeezy Boots 350…Designed Kanye West, husband of Kim Kardashian.
 Hong Kong

Yeszy Boost Oxford Tan

Adidas Yeezy boost 350 oxford tan (ONLY SIZES 8-12) USD$2,000 at ebay.

 Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 in Coral Red Auction with a stunning price of HKD$675,000

There is a Rolex auction that a current production Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 is having a hammer price of HKD$675,000, and in fact one Rolex HK AD had sold the same watch with List price of HKD$295,000  of course the buyer could use credit card with min. 5% discount…  Who know if that is the same watch?

Rolex Day Date Ref 118238 with Coral Red available in one Rolex AD a few months ago, Sold...

The moral of this message is … scarcity, stylish and good quality stuff has the value at right timing. 

Shop that you may have a chance to get this Shoe

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How Much you will spend on your Shoes…?

How Much will you spend on your Watch!?

Don't forget Rule No. 2 buy low sell High!

Keep an eye when you go shopping…
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