Thursday, January 28, 2016

Europe has increased price on Rolex by 5% in last week

All European Watch has been confirmed increased by 5%
partly due to influence of exchange rate.

Well, see what the next impact would be. As all the gray dealer has put all watches stock on hold  as they will enjoy additional profit “ 5%” immediately…

Unless otherwise that good honest dealer will honour the promised OLD price to sell.

This is a worldwide economy change after the technically “depression” from the China, since 2014.

As there are so much supply from Europe but on the other hand the China and Hong Kong Rolex demand has  diminished by 50%...

European Manufacture on movement has slowed down by 50% already… see how big the influence on the Asian economy.

Rolex has to protect their brand name and profit, so price adjustment is needed… We need to watch the next step on Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong… Well, let see 1 Feb if there is price adjust in these area.

Hong Kong had increased 4 times on price in 2011, then 4 years no price adjustment till 2014 August on a few hot items such as GMT, Submariner, Daytona, Deep sea, Milgauss and Explorer.. then there is over 17 month no price adjustment…. I cannot forecast anymore as that is not predicable…

If this situation continues… that may help the HK Rolex AD to make a better sales.

Because if they can maintain an old price, their price gap with Gray dealer is narrow down by 5%.

Let’s wait till 1 Feb and see… 

HK Snob

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