Monday, January 25, 2016

A tale of two Fine Cities

Picture was taken at Singapore near my hotel, my dream car and my Daughter

Singapore has undergone a lot of changes since the very first visit in 1981.
They have those Taipei Barber shop at People’s park where you can eat the Wanton Noodles while some young lady was cutting your hair and after that you can relax a body massage (upper body on the barber chair only)…
I remember that was about Singapore SGD 150… Well, at that time 1 SGD was 1.9 HKD…!! Time has changed… I still remember the name of the shop was “: Taipei Lady barber shop” what a name that you can catch what the dog is selling in the sheep butcher!
Singapore has recorded as high as 1 SGD to 6.2 HKD two years ago… it is 5.4… better for a Poor HK Snob…
When I laded Chang-yi airport that you can feel what rich country is what…  looking at ways they build the Airport in gold and jade of a glorious splendor… Speechless…
During the taxi queue I have counted with my Rolex eye that there are 6 Rolex …. One Deepsea, two Submariners… three Date Just…
What is the last one?… well,  don't forget my White gold Date Day Ref 18039.
There is one common things, Rolex in Singapore is as popular as in HK for one of the best beloved watches in the middle class.
We had a three day marathon meeting with the CEO… actually that is somewhat a Spring Show for the year…
We had a Basketball game as for team building.. I was captain of the team of course just because I am the shortest…  and  my strategy was to lose as if you win, you would not needed to have to play another team after another team… I had rather sit down and watch the acting like professional armature player to play as an armature in professionally way…
Not for sale LP from Teresa Tang in 45 RPM..
Since I have a lot of friends and Of course I cannot miss the Uncle Sim, who is a Record LP dealer… may a lot of Singaporeans know him. I have to bring some of my Collectible LP selling Him. 
Uncle Sim's recommendation for the Chicken, it opens till 0400 a.m.
This is a 45 RPM Teresa Tang Promotion Copy printed in Japan,( Not for sale) I bought it From Sino Centre 10 years ago at HKD$500 now I sold to Uncle Sim at HKD$1,600 and I give one of my beloved Amani of Beyond to Sim. We had went to the so called “ best Chicken” in Singapore… not bad but not the chicken it was the Fried MeeFoo and the Sweet and Sour pork, that was really crunchy and tasteful… may be I was hungry.
Gold and Gold

I had also met this friend James the Billionaire… surprised to see his charming friend in his M6 in Gold… man, what a young, rich handsome boy that has all kind of luxury stuff in his life , and he showed me his Omega Elite embedded with lot of diamond.
I like the last wine.
This is the Soft shell crab and the Chili crab Ice Cream
I went to the 2014 best restaurant in Singapore the “Labyrint” at Esplanade. Well, there were 5 course plus matching wine… the experience was new… love to go again., but I missed David who is a member of my HKWF Whatsapp group  as he was too busy in his meeting… anyway,  thanks for the discount!

Though the trip was just 4 days, I had seen a lot friends… what could you be better if you can meet old friends in other countries…
Last Picture was the picture I made for remembering this trip. I call Singapore Sling.. I tell you what, this is the drink I always took when I explored at the Pakpom bars back in 1983 when I visited Thailand… before I married my first Thai wife…. Because I don't know wine at all, and Singapore sling give me a good feeling and it was effective as to fix my thirst in the hot hectic city.
HK Snob


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