Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Frustration on the DeepSea Bracelet.

I am having Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream with all my windows closed as I recall today’s experience at RSC Hong Kong, where I met a rarely seen beautiful RSC lady staff when I took my one-month-old Deep Sea D-blue to check again whether the bracelet was too loose. Yes, again.


The first time I took it there, the watchmaker there claimed that the bracelet was absolutely normal. When I asked of why the bracelet was so loose, the answer was that they were making new bracelets looser as they had received complaints about bracelets being too tight. Super convincing.

So, today, I went there again in an attempt to see what other convincing reasons they had.

How loose was (is) my bracelet? Take a look at a Rolex bracelet with hollow links and you will understand. I will not describe the whole experience at RSC in detail. The end result was more than predictable. They insisted that the bracelet was in perfect condition. I requested to have the same 98210 bracelet next to mine for comparison and they did exactly that. The 98210 bracelet they gave me for comparison had a much tighter safety clasp and buckle. In other words, it felt much more solid. It felt very much like the bracelet on my black DS - IT FELT MUCH MORE ROLEX.

My bracelets on the 116710, 216570 and 116660 black share the same solid feeling – bracelets with solid links. The magical thing was that the staff there claimed that the bracelet for comparison and my D-blue bracelet felt the same. Great.


“Could you please understand that each of our bracelets is different. Some may be loose and some may be tight. Whether it is loose or tight is not our concern when inspecting it. The only thing we look at is whether it closes and opens smoothly.” 


The video I was watching when I awaited the inspection of my watch was about precision. ROLEX PRECISION. It was about how each Rolex is seriously tested, serviced and how each one conforms of a unified standard.


What can you do when today a company tells you that it has a standard and the next it tells you every bracelet is different? You can only look surprised.


But let’s get back to the beautiful lady I met there. The staff lady. Or the lady staff. She was the one whom I went to when I checked in my watch. I like her smile and her hairstyle. She was charming, sweet and must have been well-educated. In contrast, the lady staff who told me the bracelet was perfect looked like a witch.


Please pardon my shallowness and inexperience. Is Rolex letting go quality lady staff like they let go their quality? Are you satisfied with a loose bracelet on a 3900m diver?


“Your bracelet is all ok.” Once, twice, three times……till the end of the world.


Perfect customer service. As solid as a Rolex Deep Sea D-blue.


Jason L.

HKWF special Watch Columnist…


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